From “Youth PB Accelerator” ( we continue working to bring participatory budgeting closer to youth and, therefore, we invite you to the “Laboratories to design participatory budgets with young people”, an activity coordinated by the University of Granada, through Medialab UGR, the only university participating in the European Erasmus + project.

The initiative is focused on facilitating the design and sharing experiences of Participatory Budgeting for young people. It is intended to test the set of tools and methodologies, offered by our project, for the development of a participatory budget design, with the aim of increasing social commitment and the empowerment of young people with democracy. Participants will leave the labs with a youth participatory budget project ready to be implemented.


The laboratories will be developed in 5 online sessions that will take place during the month of June. These sessions will be distributed as follows:

  • Session 1 (June 1): Presentation of the laboratories and cases of participatory budgeting carried out in municipalities and schools.
  • Session 2 (June 8): Presentation of the instruments for participation and training of the working groups.
  • Session 3 (autonomously until June 22): Development of the laboratory, with the support of Medialab UGR during the working groups.
  • Session 4 (autonomously until June 22): Development of the laboratory, with the support of Medialab UGR during the working groups.
  • Session 5 (June 24): Presentation of the results and proposals of different participatory budget projects.

Who is called to participate?

During the sessions, proposals will be generated and a participatory budget design will be made, seeking that the people involved in the seminar develop or continue to develop their skills and civic abilities. The proposal is open to the general public but is of special interest to:

  • Young people interested in participating in democratic processes.
  • Management staff and teachers of primary and secondary schools.
  • University teaching and research staff.
  • Degree students in education, pedagogy or related areas.
  • Technical personnel and political positions of citizen participation of local or regional entities.

Registration, term and certification

To attend, register using the following form until May 28. People who participate in the process will receive a 20-hour certificate.