As planned, yesterday, June 1, were launched the Laboratories to design participatory budgets with young people, organized by our project, YouthPB Accelerator, in collaboration with the University of Granada. The session began with a presentation by Esteban Romero Frías, Director of Medialab UGR, who spoke about the general aspects of participatory budgets in Andalusia to later specify the possibilities of participation in adolescence and childhood.

After this, the participants met in collaborative tables where they shared their experiences with participatory budgeting programs and advices when carrying them out, and future challenges for participation. This served as a first contact between the members of the groups and favored the exchange of ideas, very interesting if we take into account the diversity of experiences and perspectives of the attendees (teaching staff, participation technicians, students, etc.).

Finally, two presentations were made. First, María Lavios, Councilor for Citizen Participation and European Projects of the Altea City Council (Alicante), presented her work experience with participatory budgets in young people within her municipality and how they have been improving with each new project. Later, Miriam de la Rosa, Coordinator of the Childhood and Youth processes at Coglobal, spoke about her Agora Children’s project and how to carry out participatory budgeting with the youngest.

In the following video you can see how the development of the day was:

Additionally, the two presentations can be reviewed below:

Altea Town Hall

Coglobal. Agora Infantil Project

After this work session, there are four more that will be articulated as follows:

  • Session 2 (June 8): Presentation of the participation instruments, formation of the working groups and presentation of the Peligros City Council.
  • Session 3 (autonomously until June 22): Development of the laboratory, with the support of Medialab UGR during the working groups.
  • Session 4 (autonomously until June 22): Development of the laboratory, with the support of Medialab UGR during the working groups.
  • Session 5 (June 24): Presentation of the Cartagena City Council, presentation of the results and proposals of different participatory budgeting projects.

We encourage those present to continue participating and, for those who could not attend the first session, we remind them that they still have the opportunity to access the laboratories and certify their work, attending the rest of the sessions.

If you are not registered yet, you can do so from the following form. People who participate in the process will receive a 20-hour certificate.