Duration: 28 months

September 2019 – the start of actions

It’s time to start! This is the moment when we first meet online with the working team composed of representatives of each partner organization after submitting the project application. We look at the application once again and exchange good practices of similar activities. We make first steps to organize our meeting in Poland.

October 2019 – First international working meeting in Warsaw

For the first time we meet “face to face” in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It is here where we learn more about the Erasmus Plus programme itself and the rules of implementing European projects. This will be the time to elaborate the detailed schedule, the division of tasks and to exchange the first concepts of the IO (Intellectual Outputs).

September 2019 – December 2021 – Work on the guidebook/toolkit

The main effect of our project is the guidebook to methods of involving children and young people in urban politics and participatory tools, with the particular emphasis on the participatory budget. We work in teams by preparing the main elements of the guidebook such as the main values of the youth involvement, the collected methods and test results and the good practices from around the world.

April 2020 – Training for teachers and youth workers / Glasgow

The main focus of the four-day workshop for the group of 30 people involved in implementing projects related to budgets and the participation is the youth work. The goal of the meeting is to exchange good examples of youth involvement in public life in Scotland. These examples are going to serve as the base of the principles of our guidebook. The meeting is organized by Shared Future, together with its British partners. 

June 2020 – Second International Working Meeting / Granada

The working meeting in Spain is organized for us to exchange the first fragments of the guidebook and to finalise further assumptions of this material – such as its graphic design, necessary attachments and promotion among recipients. The meeting is also set to be a test of our ideas for the preparation of the video and the map of good practices.

March 2020 – December 2021 – Work on the video

The short film is a tool to show to the broad audience what the school participatory budget is and what benefits it brings to the whole school community. We want to encourage youth workers and students themselves to read the entire guidebook and the created materials by promoting the video on the project’s website and Facebook page.

October 2020 – December 2021 – Work on the map

The map of good practices is crucial part of the project. It includes examples of successful processes involving young people in urban participatory tools with a special focus on participatory budget mechanisms. Each good practice presented there consists of short description of activities and links to the source of knowledge and created materials. The map is interactive and created collaboratively, which means everybody is able to submit their own case to the map published on our website.

January 2021 – Third international working meeting/ Bialystok

The main focus of the second Transnational Project Meeting in Poland is testing the already developed solutions. The goal is to visit one of the schools which carries out a participatory school budget based on our materials. Conversations with teachers and students involved in the activities will help us improve our guidebook.

October 2020 – March 2021 – Testing

The developed materials such as the model school budget and the class scenarios are tested with students, teachers, parents and youth workers. In one of the Polish schools the model of school PB is implemented. We engage befriended non-governmental organizations from Belfast and Warsaw to carry out testing.

June 2021 – Fourth international working meeting in Belfast

The final meeting of the working team is primarily the time to summarize the activities around the Intellectual Outputs and to finalise the materials after the testing phase. During the meeting we look at the collected evaluation materials and prepare to the series of dissemination events.

September 2021 – Events which disseminate effects

Bialystok | Warsaw | Belfast | Manchester | Granada

Dissemination events take place in each country of the partner organisations. Their main aim is to promote the created materials among decision makers, schools and youth workers. During the meetings we present in detail the materials and their practical application. Additionally, we create the space for discussion on the challenges of civic education and urban participation.